We assist our clients with customs and excise disputes. Our unique approach ensures that all disputes, irrespective of the financial value of the dispute or the cause of the dispute, receive the same expertise and high value input, without the “open ended” costs normally associated with such specialist services.

Our wide-ranging expertise in the field of customs and excise and international trade enables us to provide assistance and solutions in respect of any related challenges that our clients may encounter.

Our services typically include dealing on behalf of our clients with:

  • customs and excise audits by SARS;
  • letters of intent by SARS;
  • letters of demand by SARS;
  • internal administrative appeals; and
  • alternative dispute resolution proceedings

In respect of decisions by SARS relating to a variety of customs and excise issues.

CUSTEX regularly assists its clients with:

  • disputes, ranging from inter alia, tariff classification, valuation and origin disputes;
  • wide ranging compliance issues related to inter alia bonded warehouses, transport of bonded goods and acquittals of export entries;
  • trade related issues such as applications to the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) in respect of applications:
  • for the creation of rebate facilities and applications to increase or decrease duties; and
  • for the implementation or prevention of anti-dumping or safeguarding duties.

Custex also assists its clients with litigation in the High Court (typically review applications) in the event that SARS’ prescribed internal dispute resolution proceedings have been unsuccessful or in matters where urgent interdictory relief is required.