CUSTEX CONSULTING is a specialised consulting firm with a core team of highly skilled professionals focusing on customs, excise and tax matters. We place specific emphasis on internal dispute resolution of customs and excise disputes with the South African Revenue Service.


CUSTEX provides relevant and applicable solutions to the unique challenges of participating in international trade.

The biggest challenge facing freight forwarders, clearing agents, manufacturers, importers and exporters are the complexities and compliance requirements that arise from the current legislative framework and the challenges the new customs legislation will introduce.
Although present in the existing legislative framework, the new legislation places significant emphasis on self-regulation and compliance with severe consequences for non-compliance.


CUSTEX’s highly skilled team assists freight forwarders, clearing agents, importers, exporters and local manufacturers with compliance in terms of the current and pending legislation.
Our directors and strategic partners are all experts in their field, and have specialised postgraduate academic qualifications combined with years of hands-on experience.